6 Steps To Mastering Your Mind

Every day you are being bombarded with messages; in conversations, on TV, on the radio and very powerfully 24/7 through social media. Images are strategically placed on billboards to catch your attention and there are more free newspapers than ever before. Is it any wonder your mind goes into meltdown? Is it any surprise that…

Say What You Mean

What have you tackled or released from your being and life to feel free and live authentically?

It’s Time To Love Yourself Well…

It’s time to love yourself well… If you’re in pain, if there is a sadness in some area of your life, know that self-loathing, blame or hate will not make the pain go away; it is love and forgiveness that heals. So often when you’re not happy or when you feel disappointed with how something…

FEAR – Run From It Or Face It?

For the rest of your life know that you’ll have moments of fear. You are likely to experience the desire to ‘forget everything and run’ when the going gets tough. My advice to you; don’t…

Unmasking The Truth…

So, the New year kicks in and I wonder what you have promised yourself for the year ahead. What new year’s resolutions (if you have them – I don’t!), what goals (I do) and what hopes. How much time will you give to unmasking your truth, to being you and not what everyone else expects you to be?

Tomorrow You Will Be Stronger

No one said that life would be easy, that everything would flow in perfect symmetry and without any cause for concern. Yet people frequently seem dumbfounded when things go wrong and when life throws challenges at them.

And The Winner Is…

I was blessed to be shortlisted this year for the Whole Life Activation Awards in the Health & Wellbeing category.

The Road To Ultimate Health From The Inside Out

Okay, you wake up and decide you’re sick to death of living life at half-mast. You’re fed up with constantly running out of energy and losing momentum when going for your goals and quite frankly, you’re just plain tired of feeling worn out, exhausted and dissatisfied with life.

Drowning In Stress

We are living in stressful times. We’re being asked to work harder, longer and with way more responsibility. Is it any wonder people are drowning in stress, getting burnt out and hating life?

Building Your Social Capital

Social Capital: ‘Consciously and deliberately building networks that enable you to achieve your goals, fulfill your mission and make your contribution to the world.’