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Yvonne Bignall: Award-winning personal development educator… Inspiring Confidence, Unlocking Potential. No.1 Best-selling Author…cropped-20170304_160443.jpg

YvonneB (pet name), award-winning personal development educator and life motivator for both lifestyle and business, is the founder of YvonneB Limited, an outlet for the work she has created based on her 7F Principles: be fit, be fearless, create freedom, pay it forward, enjoy friends and family, have fun, and have faith.

All of these principles are aimed at one goal, the one goal that Yvonne sees as integral to all other goals worth achieving: Confidence. If you have confidence, you can create the life you want. And the good news is confidence can be built! Yvonne believes in, lives by and teaches the power of building confidence each and every day.

For 22 years, she worked in the health, leisure, and well-being industry, gradually acquiring the wisdom needed to effect change in people the way that she does. As someone who believes that learning never ends, she has taken up the studies of social psychology, positive psychology, leadership skills, and MAPP for business growth. Of her numerous accomplishments, she is particularly proud of completing the 2015 London Marathon, her successes in the fitness figure world, as well as her soft skills training & business awards.

Yvonne is a Co-Founder of Love Entrepreneurs, a unique business network helping businesses solve their most challenging issues, championing start-ups and early years businesses.

Yvonne believes that you don’t really know what you’re potential is until you have to do something; until you have challenges to overcome or goals to achieve’. Yvonne lives life one day at a time and to the full, sharing her experiences and those of her clients to inspire others to push the boundaries of their comfort zone.

Final thought… “Don’t get comfortable, get moving. Find your passion, create your dream and live the life you were gifted to live”

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